A downloadable game for Windows

Made for the WeeklyGameJam #36

Theme: Twins

Welcome to Nebula Inc., where all your dreams come true!

You play as Nibs, who just crashed into the facility together with his Twin Chibs, who got captured. Now, you run around fighting broken versions of your twin! 

Will you rescue him, or will you fail at the attempt?


Movement: [A] & [D]

Jump: [W]

Switching Weapons (Pistol, Machine Gun, Shotgun): [1], [2] & [3]

Reload: [R]

Shoot: [LMB]

Text Speed: Hold [SPACE]

Skip Text: [ENTER]

Made by:

HIM - programming

drooms. (John Douglas) - Art

Dobi (Gerry Brazell) - Music

RedBadger - SFX

ImperialN17 - SFX


V1.1: new tutorial levels, new dialog, save system and controlls improved, new icon, increased player deceleration (more friction, less sliding), updated soundtrack

Install instructions

Download the .exe and install the game. There should be a Shortcut named "Nibs & Chibs: Space Adventures" on your Desktop after finishing the setup. (Warning: for some reason windows defender might warn you to install the program. You can click on advanced settings and click "Install anyways" to install it, if that happens.)


Nibs And Chibs Space Adventure Installer.exe 34 MB

Development log


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Sadly, I wasn't able to make it that far into the game due to the slippery-style controls and falling off platforms, combined with no checkpoint prior, but it looked nice.

I Love the art and the music, with the design, maybe begin the game differently so the player can experiment with the movement first before start attacking.